Mafia's Greatest Hits
2017 Series 2
10 X 50'

Over the last 10 years we have produced over 350 hours of high-quality factual television series for a wide range of international broadcasters.  Listed below are some of our productions.

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    Great Inventions
    This series explains what lies behind the inventions we use every day which have shaped our world.
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    Real Story of ... 3 & 4
    The Real Story Of....Series 3 and 4 tell the true stories that Hollywood blockbusters forget to tell.
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    Greatest Events of WW2
    In Colour - This ten-part series tells the story of World War Two through the ten most pivotal turning points in the conflict
  • Aircrash Confidential Series 3
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    Aircrash Confidential ... 3
    This series explores the human cost of air disasters and examines the events that can lead to them.
  • Real Story 2
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    The Real Story of … 2
    The true stories behind some of the most famous recent movies; the facts are more intriguing and revealing than the fiction.
  • Hitler's Circle of Evil
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    Hitler’s Circle of Evil
    The inside story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich from the perspective of those who made it happen - Hitler’s inner circle.
  • Mafias Greatest Hits
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    Mafia’s Greatest Hits
    From Al Capone to Crazy Joey Gallo this is the shocking and thrilling story of some of the most dangerous people in US history.
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    Ancient Assassins
    From Ancient Greece to the Italian Renaissance, rulers have needed elite combat troops to disrupt and defeat their enemies.
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    The Real Story Of ...1
    A six-part series telling the true stories behind some of Hollywood’s most famous Oscar-nominated movies of recent years.
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    Manhunt: Kill or Capture
    Some of America's most thrilling and spectacular manhunts, each a race to catch gangsters, drug barons or arms dealers.
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    Evolution of Evil
    Psychopaths, heartless, greedy, cruel and mad individuals who have seized control and inflicted appalling suffering.
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    WW 2 in the Pacific
    Featuring rare footage shot by the troops, this three-part series tells the story of the War in The Pacific.
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    Animal Black Ops
    Intrepid agents track down, fight and catch the master criminals threatening the world’s rarest animals.
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    Secrets of The Bible
    From Noah to Turin, a band of explorers have sought the literal truth behind the Bible’s greatest mysteries.
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    Myth Hunters
    These are true stories of quests after legendary objects – where the Da Vinci Code meets reality.
  • Hitler Pointing to a Map - Image from World War II in Colour
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    WW2 in Colour
    The story of the Second World War in full colour, combining both original and colourised footage.
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