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The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The Lost Pirate Kingdom is the first time that the real story of the pirates of the Caribbean has ever been told as a six part factual series.
The story takes us from the end of the war with Spain which left British privateers, who worked as a freelance Naval force, out of work. They turned to piracy and continued to take treasure from the Spanish. Eventually, outlawed by even their own crown, they set up the world’s first fully democratic republic in the Bahamas. They also liberated slaves and gave them full voting rights. In their Lost Pirate Kingdom lies the origins of American independence.
The series features the real lives of Pirate legends like Blackbeard, Henry Jennings, Benjamin Hornigold and Henry Vane. And they’re not all men; we also tell the extraordinary tale of female pirate Anne Bonny.
The Lost Pirate Kingdom tells the legendary exploits of the heroes and villains of this remarkable kingdom. This ambitious, six part in-depth drama-documentary reveals the squabbling, the greed, the battles, the heroism, the politics, the alliances and the betrayals of the most flamboyant and ruthless characters in history.

Broadcast Year: 2020
Duration: 6 x 50 mins
Episodes: Ep 1 – Hoist the Black Flag; Ep 2 – The Pirate Republic; Ep 3 – The Price of Loyalty;
Ep 4 – The Empire Strikes Back; Ep 5 – Deal or No Deal; Ep 6 – Dead or Alive
Broadcaster: Netflix
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises
Narrated by: Derek Jacobi
Executive Producers: Alan Griffiths, David McNab and Eamon Hardy
Series Producer: Patrick Dickinson
Producer/Directors: Patrick Dickinson, Stan Griffiths, Hereward Pelling, Justin Rickett & Tim Dunn
Associate Producers: Harry Duncan Smith, Milo Riley-Smith, Robert Madden & Nick Cunnard
Senior Researcher: Simon Cerf
Film Editors: Gordon Burton, Chris Scurfield, Louis Popping & Raul Sacristan
VFX & CGI : Stone Soup VFX

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