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Evolution of Evil

They are a rogues’ gallery of the most notorious despots in recent history. From Hitler to Saddam Hussein, from Stalin to Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, from Chairman Mao to Colonel Gaddafi these are the psychopaths, the heartless ideologues, the greedy, the cruel and sometimes the just plain mad individuals who have seized control of their country and inflicted appalling suffering.

Year of Broadcast: 2015
Duration: 10 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Discovery American Heroes Channel & ZDF Enterprises
Producer/Directors: Stephanie Seabrook, John Blystone, Gerry Pomeroy, Johanna Woolford Gibbon, Josh Whitehead,
Producers: Adam Donneky
Associate Producers: Ian Glatt, Eleanor Scaglioni, Alex Collinge, Kate Hebden, Pascal Hughes
Offline Editors: Antony Oliphant, Rob Sylvester, Alistair Kerr, Stephen Prince, Jo Wall, Graham Dean, Bernard Lyall
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Archive Producer: Jane Higgs

Manhunt: Kill or Capture
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