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Mafia’s Greatest Hits Series Two

From Al Capone to Crazy Joey Gallo this is the shocking and thrilling story of some of the most dangerous people in US history: the men who inspired, organised and killed for the American Mafia. Featuring interviews with the FBI agents and the cops who brought America’s most wanted down, this series gives first hand testimony of how law enforcement fought the mob for almost a century.

Year of Broadcast: 2017
Duration: 10 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Discovery American Heroes & ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Series Producers: Ned Parker & Patrick Dickinson
Producer/Directors: Patrick Dickinson, Alex Nikolic-Dunlop, Max Jourdan
Woody Ledeboer, Lou Westlake, Ben Schwartz
Assistant Producers: Delphine Gilson, Ben Morse, Rory Kaufhold, Jessica Ives & James Norton
Offline Editors: Tom Ash, Rob Sylvester, Chris Scurfield, Tom Parker, Bernard Lyall, Stephen Prince
Production Manager: Susie Elliott.
Archive Producer: Mani Shirazi

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