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World Media Rights

Founded by Alan Griffiths in May 2007, World Media Rights has been at the forefront of making returning television series for over a decade. It’s been a successful model – our series now show on cable TV in 55 countries worldwide and globally on Netflix.

WMR has built a formidable team who have no equal in the quality of drama reconstruction they produce. With over 350 hours of programming and 33 series under our belt, we have a strong track record of producing television series to budget and on time.

We are specialists in international co-production, bolting together deals with as many as five financial partners. Our BAFTA-nominated series World War Two in HD Colour and Hitler’s Circle of Evil are currently available on Netflix. Other productions include The Mafia’s Greatest Hits, Black Ops, Myth Hunters and The Real Story of… made for US channels like Discovery and Reelz Networks.

In July 2017 ZDF Enterprises of Germany bought a third of WMR. Our relationship with ZDFE enables us to sell into the international television market with even greater vigour.

We give our staff a great deal of creative freedom and allow people to grow and develop their skills. 

Real Story 3 & 4 Recent Release The Real Story Of ...
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