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Ancient Apocalypse

Ancient Apocalypse investigates six catastrophic stories of how the world’s greatest civilisations collapsed.
Every continent has its ruins — places where only stones tell the tale of a fallen people. They might lay buried under the Earth, in the shade of jungle canopy or amidst the teeming industry of a modern city. However, they all raise the same questions: How could something so great all but vanish? Why do civilisations collapse?
In this 6-part series, we uncover the scientific reasons why some of history’s most fascinating peoples have disappeared in the face of the natural world’s might. We investigate the end of The Akkadian Empire, The Lost City of Helike, Sodom and Gomorrah, The mystery of the Sea Peoples, The Maya Civilisation and Doggerland. Some of the world’s greatest natural disasters reduced these societies to nothing.

Broadcast Year: 2021
Duration: 6 x 50 mins
Episodes: Ep 1 – Sodom & Gomorrah; Ep 2 – Doggerland; Ep 3 – The Lost City of Helike; Ep 4 – Akkadian Empire; Ep 5 – The Mystery of the Sea People; Ep 6 – The Maya Civilisation
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises &
Executive Producers: Alan Griffiths & Patrick Dickinson
Producer/Directors: Patrick Dickinson, Nicky Bolster, Kim Lask and Justin Rickett
Associate Producers: Harry Duncan Smith, Zenia Selby, Milo Riley-Smith & Robert Madden
Series Researcher: Simon Cerf
Film Editors: Louis Popping, John Moratiel & Ralph Pereira-Adams
Archive Producer: Mani Shirazi
Graphics: Stone Soup VFX

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