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Real Story Of… Series 3 & 4

Each episode digs into a Hollywood hit and uncovers the REAL STORY behind the movie. With often shocking personal testimony, dramatic re-creation and in-depth archive, every episode tells a once in a lifetime story by those who lived it. From pirates on the high seas to the biggest drug busts in US history, from the killing of a beloved pop star to a soldier fighting through enemy territory to stay alive, these are the real stories that even Hollywood found too hot to handle.

Broadcast Year: 2019
Duration: 12 x 50 mins
Broadcasters: REELZ Channel & ITV Global Entertainment
Series Producer: Patrick Dickinson
Producer/Directors: Patrick Dickinson, Chris Roberts, Pascal Hughes, Lou Westlake, Stan Griffin, Ian Bremner & Justin Rickett
Associate Producers: Justin Rickett, Kate Hebden, Alice Smith, Katie Boxer & Ian Glatt
Offline Editors: Chris Scurfield,  Louis Popping, Marco Ruffatti, Rob Sylvester, John Moratiel, Duncan Thomsen, Mark Rees, Adam Garstone, Tim Goodwin & Gordon Burton
Line Producer: Peter Fraser
Archive Researcher: Mani Shirazi

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