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Ancient Assassins

From Ancient Greece to the Italian Renaissance, rulers have always needed elite combat troops trained to perfection, armed with devastating weaponry and able to disrupt and defeat their enemies. These films are about the men and women who, throughout history, have tracked down enemies and killed them.


Year of Broadcast: 2016
Duration: 10 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Discovery American Heroes Channel and Sky Vision.
Executive Producers: Jean-Claude Bragard
Producer/Directors: Chris Lethbridge, Ian Bremner, Mark Dyson, Andy Robbins, Will Aspinall
Assistant Producers: Pascal Hughes, Luke Wales, Fabio Cerveira, Emma Parsons, Tiffany Greenoak
Offline Editors: Tim Arrowsmith, Tom Parker, Kevin Hanna, Dave Wilson, Paul Berry, Franco Bogino
Production Manager: Peter Miller
Archive Producer: Mani Shirazi

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