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Secrets of The Bible

What if the Bible were literally true? From Noah’s Flood to the Shroud of Turin, this series tells the tales of a band of explorers who have sought the literal truth behind the Bible’s greatest mysteries. Each film focuses on a single real modern-day Indiana Jones. Whether motivated by faith, greed or curiosity, some have sunk fortunes and even risked their lives on impossible quests.

Year of Broadcast: 2014
Duration: 13 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: ZDF Enterprises & IMG Media
Executive Producer: Jean-Claude Bragard
Producer/Directors: Tim Gaunt, Stuart Strickson, John Blystone, Oscar Chan, Charlie Clayton
Associate Producers: Michael Cowan, Ellie Cartwright, Sandrine Pothin-Noir, Alex Collinge, Eleanor Scaglioni
Offline Editors: Rob Sylvester, Tim Arrowsmith, Marc Tondeur, Alistair Kerr, Antony Oliphant
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Archive Producer: Rebekah Maher

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