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The Real Story of … Series One

The Real Story Of … is a six-part series which tells the true stories behind some of Hollywood’s most famous, Oscar-nominated movies of recent years. Each episode focuses on the real-life stories which inspired the movies Donnie Brasco, Face of an Angel, Unbroken, American Sniper, Exodus, and Munich. This series unpicks fact from fiction with interviews from the real people behind these extraordinary events. Each story is brought to life with enthralling dramatic reconstruction and archive footage of the actual events. What really happened is more intriguing, more thrilling and more revealing than the fiction.

Year of Broadcast: 2016
Duration: 6 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Reelz Channel USA & ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Series Producer: Ned Parker
Producer/Directors: Delphine Gilson, Steve Baker, Nick Davidson
Associate Producers: Delphine Gilson, Woody Ledeboer, Richard Cracknell
Offline Editors: Antony Oliphant, Rob Sylvester, Keith Brookshaw, Stephen Prince, Graham Dean, Al Kerr
Production Manager: Juliet Cole and Peter Miller
Archive Producer: Karen Walsh

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