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World War 2 in Colour

Footage of the most dramatic moments from World War II is restored in colour and high definition for this historical documentary series.
Using the very latest restoration and colourisation techniques it is now possible to show the full story of World War II in colour as it has never been seen before.
During the creation of this series all military and civilian colours were meticulously checked for historical accuracy and footage fully restored to the highest level before colourisation. This attention to excellence has dramatically increased the appeal to younger audiences who are often less inclined to watch black and white television documentaries. These techniques together with recent revelations about the war and the discovery of new archive have allowed this fascinating series to add an extra dimension to the understanding of the world’s greatest conflict.

Year of Broadcast: 2009
Duration: 13 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: IMG Entertainment
Executive Producer: Matthew Barrett
Producer: Nick Davidson
Associate Producer: Martin Hughes
Offline Editors: Antony Oliphant, Jo Wall, Roy Gilbert
Line Producer: Phil Howard-Jones
Research Director: George Marshall

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