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Royals: Keeping The Crown

Royals: Keeping The Crown charts the rise, fall, and rebranding of royal families across the globe from the First World War to the present day. From the murder of the Romanov family in 1918 to Prince Harry’s marriage to the American actress Meghan Markle in 2018. This six-part series assesses the impact of world wars, communism, commerce, the tabloid press and the cult of celebrity on royalty over the last 100 years.
At the start of the century, there were 53 royal families, today that number has more than halved to 25: a fascinating network of kings, queens, sultans and emperors. Wars, sex scandals, coup d’états, assassinations, financial corruption, vendettas and revolution destroyed royal families around the world. Only those who could adapt would survive…
This is the story of the high wire act which Royals have had to perform over the last 100 years to stay on their thrones. Filmed at glamourous location, with famous faces, extraordinary narratives, colourised black and white footage and unseen archive from multiple international and private collections. Experts, royal relatives, former staff and critics will explain one hundred tumultuous years of revolution, family conflict, scandal, suspicious deaths and bad publicity. We focus on Royal Families at their critical moments: where circumstances or arrogance could easily cause the crown to fall from the head of the monarch.

Broadcast Year: 2021
Duration: 6 x 50 mins
Episodes: Ep 1 – The Cousin’s War; Ep 2 – Nazi Royals; Ep 3 – Post-War Amnesia;
Ep 4 – Breaking Tradition; Ep 5 – Rebel Princess; Ep 6 – The Pursuit of Normal
Broadcaster: CuriosityStream
Distributor: Off the Fence
Narrated by: Derek Jacobi
Executive Producers: Alan Griffiths, Patrick Dickinson & Lou Westlake
Series Producers: Patrick Dickinson & Justin Rickett
Producer/Directors: Patrick Dickinson, Lou Westlake, Justin Rickett and Sam Taplin
Associate Producers: Harry Duncan Smith & Zenia Selby
Assistant Producers: Robert Madden & Simon Cerf
Senior Researcher: Alexandra Bota
Film Editors: Ian Baigent, Louis Popping, Graham Cox, Marco Ruffatti & Steve Clark
Archive Producers: Mani Shirazi & Ann Williams
Archive Colourisation: Samuel François-Steininger, Composite Films
Graphics: Stone Soup VFX

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