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WW2 in the Pacific

This three-part series tells the story of the War in The Pacific. It features rare footage often shot by the troops themselves. It tells the astonishing story of a war across the vast stretches of ocean that would pioneer entirely new forms of combat on sea, land and air. Whereas once sea battles had been effectively artillery contests on the water with ships firing shells within sight of each other, now they were fought by fighters and bombers roaming miles from their floating landing strips.

Year of Broadcast: 2015
Duration: 3 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Discovery American Heroes Channel & ZDF Enterprises
Producer/Directors: Nick Davidson, Adam Donneky, Martin J O Hughes
Offline Editors: Alistair Kerr, Daren Tiley, Antony Oliphant
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Archive Producer: Diana Sedgewick

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