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WWII in Color: Road to Victory

This dramatic ten-part series colourises old archive footage from WWII to tell the story of how the Allies recover from the brink of defeat. From Dunkirk, through to the eastern front, Pacific theatre and deserts of North Africa, the key campaigns on the road to victory are vividly told and expertly colourised to shed new light on the Second World War.

After Nazi Germany sweeps to victory over northern and eastern Europe and Japan decimates the American fleet and takes control of the Pacific, the Axis look to be in an unbeatable position of strength in 1941.

In the east Stalin fights back with the largest tank battle ever seen at Kursk and pushes his Red Army towards Berlin. The British make a great escape from the French beaches at Dunkirk and cling on to the vital Suez Canal in North Africa, kept alive by the struggle to control the Atlantic. When they form a mighty alliance with America the battle in the desert is won, Axis Italy falls and Paris is liberated. Out in the Pacific the United States faces titanic battles on the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and on the Philippine Sea before Japan’s surrender is finally secured and WWII is won.

Broadcast Year: 2021
Duration: 10 x 50 mins
Episodes: 01 Dunkirk; 02 The Battle of the Atlantic; 03 The Invasion of North Africa
04 The Battle of Kursk; 05 The Invasion of Italy; 06 The Liberation of Paris
07 Iwo Jima; 08 The Race for Berlin; 09 Okinawa; 10 The Battle of the Philippine Sea
Broadcaster: Netflix
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises
Narrated by: Trish Bertram
Executive Producers: Alan Griffiths & Eamon Hardy
Series Producers: Sam Berrigan Taplin
Producer/Directors: Sam Berrigan Taplin, Lou Westlake, Kim Lask, Stan Griffin & Katie Boxer
Associate Producers: Kathrin Benoehr, Harry Duncan Smith, Zenia Selby, Milo Riley-Smith & Simon Cerf
Senior Researcher: Alexandra Bota
Film Editors: Graham Cox, Ian Baigent, Gordon Burton, John Moratiel & Ralph Pereira-Adams
Archive Producers: Mani Shirazi & Ann Williams
Archive Colourisation: Samuel François-Steininger, Composite Films & LivePixel Technologies

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