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Myth Hunters Series 3

Following World Media Rights’ successful Myth Hunters series 1 and 2, we offer a third series in which the Da Vinci Code meets reality. These are true stories of quests after legendary objects – hordes of lost treasure, missing wonders of the Inca civilisation, strange ships mysteriously appearing in the desert, the site of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot and perhaps even the true location of the Holy Grail.
For most of us these are the stuff of fantasy or movies as seen in Indiana Jones – but these are the real stories of real adventurers who thought these myths were true.

Year of Broadcast: 2014
Duration: 13 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: IMG Media & UKTV
Producer/Directors: Gerry Pomeroy, Stuart Rose, Joshua Whitehead, Matthew Hinchliffe, Stephanie Seabrook
Edit Producers: Adam Donneky
Associate Producers: Matt Tiller, Annick Van Wijk, Sindbad Iksel, Clare Wales, Kate Hebden
Offline Editors: Tim Arrowsmith, Daren Tiley, Graham Dean, Keith Brookshaw, Antony Oliphant, Rob Sylvester, Julian Arriens
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Archive Producer: Michael Lewis

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