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Manhunt: Kill or Capture

These are the true stories of America’s most thrilling and spectacular manhunts. Each one is a race to catch vicious gangsters on the run, drug barons so rich they seem beyond justice and arms dealers who are willing to sell to America’s worst enemies. It’s a series filled with prison break-outs, sieges, chases, undercover operations and shootouts.

Year of Broadcast: 2015
Duration: 10 x 50 mins
Broadcaster: Discovery American Heroes Channel & ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Executive Producer: Jean-Claude Bragard
Producer/Directors: Oscar Chan, Ian Clark, John Blystone, Stuart Strickson, Alex Nikolic Dunlop, David Caldwell-Evans
Producers: Johanna Woolford Gibbon, Leonie Jamieson
Associate Producers: Alex Thomas, Jack Chapman, Daniel Bougourd, Lisa Gomer Howes, Katherine Swanson
Offline Editors: Tim Arrowsmith, Keith Brookshaw, Will Roche, Jonathan Ward, Daren Tiley, Anthony Willis, Tom Cottrell, Elliot Goldner, Damian Townend, Paddy Payne, Tom Bober, Graham Dean, Steve Alexander, Fergal McGrath, Nick Pitt, Will Roche, Rob Sylvester, Matthew Watson
Production Manager: Richard Walker
Archive Producer: Mani Shirazi

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