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In 2007 we saw that almost all television would, in the future, be delivered by the internet. As the internet doesn’t care about national boundaries we decided to create a new type of factual series – a series which would be watched in at least 55 countries. Today we are still doing just that.

Alan Griffiths


Alan founded WMR in 2007 and since its inception has seen the company grow to be one of the largest factual producers of television series for the world market. His expertise in digital technology and e-commerce has set WMR apart from other independent production companies, and it is one of the largest UK-based suppliers of programmes to US cable networks.

In the late eighties Alan worked with the BBC as Deputy Editor of The Money Programme, before taking on the role of Editor of Business Programmes. In this role he tripled its output by spotting and recruiting new talent and creating a fast-moving, forward thinking department. He recruited many household names, including Adrian Chiles and Katie Derham.

Alan was then made Head of Multimedia for BBC News, where he developed a team of 150 people and helped them acquire skills in new media. He then designed, created, managed and implemented BBC News’ public service news site BBC News online.

Alan worked for 10 years as CEO of the digital media consultancy e-communications Ltd and bought the company out in 2002. Five years later he founded and financed WMR.

Over the last 11 years Alan has overseen the creation of over 350 hours of programming and 33 series at WMR. Most of its series are licensed in at least 55 countries around the world.

Alan has also found time to write two books on digital broadcasting has worked on the e-commerce strategy for Malta, the Kingdom of Jordan and the States of Guernsey.

In his spare time, Alan enjoys tennis, sailing and old movie cameras.

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