Animal Black Ops

The US Fish and Wildlife Services has a special unit; The Office of Law Enforcement. It boasts 261 special agents. It even has its own Forensic Laboratory which supports international investigations of wildlife crimes. The unit exists because, over the last five years, it has become apparent to the West that many of the world’s […]

Crazy Despots

Evolution of Evil

They are a rogues gallery of the most notorious despots in recent history. They are the psychopaths, the heartless ideologues, the corrupt, the greedy, the cruel and sometimes the just plain mad individuals who have seized control of their country and inflicted appalling suffering on their people. It reveals how the young Stalin was deeply […]

Big Bad Black Ops

Manhunt: Kill or Capture

These are the true stories of America’s most terrifying, thrilling and spectacular manhunts. Each one is a race against time to catch psycho killers on the loose, terrorists plotting hideous atrocities and hardened killers out on kidnap and murder sprees. It’s a series filled with sieges, kidnappings and explosions, chases, escapes and shootouts. The heroes […]


WW2 in the Pacific

This three part series tells the story of the War in the Pacific. Featuring rare footage, often shot by the troops themselves, it tells the astonishing story of a war fought across the vast stretches of ocean that would pioneer entirely new forms of combat. Once sea battles had been artillery contests on the water […]

Rise of the Nazi Party

The Rise of the Nazi Party

The story behind the evolution of the Nazi Party through archive film footage, interviews and dramatic reconstructions


Myth Hunters Series Three

From the search for the veil that mopped the brow of Christ to the discovery of the fabled city of the Incas; from a ship that was said to have sunk in a desert to a horde of gold whose location was only known by Imelda Marcos – this series will highlight these enthralling and […]


Ancient Black Ops

From Ancient Greece to the frozen North, rulers have always needed their elite troops – men trained to perfection, skilled with a devastating array of weaponry – men who will track down their leader’s enemies and kill them. All assassination teams faced one big problem: getting close enough to kill. No one in the ancient […]

The Bible310x210

Secrets of the Bible

Secrets of the Bible brings to life some of the best-known stories in history and the adventurers, archaeologists, historians, scientists and eccentrics who have tried to uncover the truth behind them.


CIA Declassified

Telling the real stories of the CIA’s covert operations, drawing from the declassification of documents which have been released over the last 20 years.

Black Ops - series 2

Black Ops Series Two

It’s time to re-enter the dangerous and secretive world of elite covert special ops forces in this brand new and UK exclusive second series of Black Ops.


Myth Hunters Series Two

Myth Hunters Series 2 reveals more true stories of quests after legendary objects hordes of lost Spanish gold,the body of King Arthur, objects that offer their finder either unlimited power or wealth or both. 13 part series features dramatic reconstruction, testimony from those who were there and expert witnesses.

Black Ops - series 1

Black Ops Series One

Black Ops reconstructs some of the world’s biggest ops missions, from how special forces captured Osama Bin Laden and put an end to the Mumbai seige