The Science of Crime

The Science of Crime

Number of Episodes: 13
Episode Length: 50'
Production Year: 2010


This war to catch the criminals is at the heart of this thirteen part series by WMR Productions. Its topic is the fast-developing world of forensics, where science, technology and detective brilliance are married together in the pursuit of justice. It uses our unrivalled archive to show how forensics developed, and reveals what some of the most notorious criminals in all history looked like and how they behaved. See if you can beat the detectives in interpreting the forensic evidence.

Unlike previous crime series, which have concentrated on a type of crime, the subject of each film is a new forensic technique. From ballistics to blood-spatter analysis, from examining teeth to searching a rusty wood chipper for traces of dead bodies, this series will show how forensics has developed, and brought some of the world’s most evil people to justice.

But it will also show what can go wrong. How mistakes can be made. How the truth can sometimes be bent.