ITV to sell World Media Rights’ Animal Black Ops.

ITV to sell World Media Rights’ Animal Black Ops.

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ITV to sell World Media Rights’ Animal Black Ops.

London based independent factual TV Production Company World Media Rights today announces that Discovery Networks International has acquired the US rights to its brand new, original 10 x 50′ documentary series ‘Animal Black Ops’. ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) is distributing the series in the rest of the world.

Following the global success of two 6 x 60′ seasons of covert military operations documentary series ‘Black Ops’ and the 10 x 50′ series ‘Ancient Black Ops’ that explored secret operations in Viking days and beyond, ‘Animal Black Ops’ turns its gaze onto the perilous world of animal poaching.

Animal poaching is part of global organised crime with links to the drugs trade, Chinese triads and vicious guerrilla forces who illegally kill endangered animals in order to sell ivory, fur and horns to buy weapons. There are also possible poaching links to terrorism. Obama and other world leaders are creating, financing and supporting Special Forces units to take on the often well-funded and well-armed poachers, dealers and their networks.

World Media Rights has obtained special access to several of these covert animal protection units, including undercover agents from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and to ongoing investigations by Thailand’s Freeland Foundation Special Investigation Unit.

The series is the first World Media Rights production to appear on Animal Planet.

Andy Berg negotiated the deal for Animal Planet and Ronan Hand for ITVS GE with World Media Rights’ CEO Alan Griffiths. Executive Producer for World Media Rights is Creative Director Matthew Barrett. ITVS GE will launch Animal Black Ops to the international market at MIPCOM 2015.

“World Media Rights is committed to creating programming that aims to increase and hold audiences for our channel customers” said Alan Griffiths, CEO of World Media Rights. “‘‚ĶBlack Ops’ is a tried and tested programming franchise and we are delighted to be bringing this winning formula to Animal Planet audiences with ‘Animal Black Ops’ in the US”.