Evil Evolves from World Media Rights.

Evil Evolves from World Media Rights.

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Evil Evolves from World Media Rights.

London based independent factual TV Production Company World Media Rights today announces a co-production with Discovery Communications’ network American Heroes Channel, to create the brand new, original 10 x 50′ documentary series ‘Evolution of Evil’ for the US.

ZDF Enterprises is distributing the series in the rest of the world outside the USA and UK.

‘Evolution of Evil’, which will be titles ‘Crazy Despots’ outside the US, showcases World Media Rights’ trademark of blending drama reconstruction with archive, specially shot documentary material and expert testimony as it reveals how ten of the most notorious world leaders turned from seemingly normal human beings into monsters.

The series identifies key moments in the lives of a terrifying rogues gallery of cruelty including North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, Saddam Hussein, Papa Doc Duvalier, Mussolini and Josef Stalin.

The series is the latest World Media Rights production to appear on American Heroes Channel following ‘Black Ops’ (8 x 50′), ‘Secrets of the Bible’ (13 x 50′) and ‘Myth Hunters’ (13 x 50′). ‘WWII in the Pacific’ (3 x 60′) World Media Rights’ previously announced co production with American Heroes Channel will air this year before the 70th anniversary of VJ Day.

“‘Evolution of Evil’ charts the moments that some of the nastiest despots in history cross the boundaries from normal human behaviour into downright evil. The series sets out to ask the question: are they just like us or is there something that makes these people different and if so, can we pinpoint what it is and when it takes hold? It’s a subject that perfectly suits World Media Rights’ strength of combining intelligent history with dramatic story-telling.” said Matthew Barrett, Creative Director of World Media Rights.